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Tsunami Bar


Develop explosive strength with the most dynamic training barbell on the market!

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This flexible 3” dia training bar is the ultimate tool for power lifters, designed to develop reversal strength at the bottom of lifts and explosive strength at the top. Load with a submaximal weight by placing standard rubber or cast-iron plates at the very end of the barbell’s sleeves.This bar flexes and oscillates during the lift so more of your muscles are recruited to start the lift and maintain control. You’ll safely develop more explosiveness at the bottom of lifts using a lot less weight. Made from a patented composite and thermoplastic material that’s incredibly durable. Usage instructions are printed right on the bar for safety and quick reference. Ideal for use with traditional power lifts such as squats, bench, and presses. Choose from 2 bar models.

Level I Tsunami Bar Holds 45 lb per end. 90"L; 15 lb.

Level III Tsunami Bar Holds 135 lb per end. 90"L; 17 lb.