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IronRange Mesabi Jr 10 kg Olympic Bar


A shorter, lighter, 10 kg version of our popular Mesabi Olympic Bars

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  • 10kg weight allows beginners to learn nearly any lift
  • 190kg tensile strength steel is the same as our premier Mesabi hybrid bars for incredible durability and performance
  • Zinc-coating effectively protects the bar from rust and marring to significantly outlast comparable trainer bars.
  • Olympic and Powerlifting marks.
  • 25mm diameter is easier for youth and female athletes to learn the hook grip
  • 64" bar is fully rackable, with plenty of shaft length to accommodate any user height or grip width.
  • Light knurling goes all the way to the collar for comfort when practicing Olympic lifts and ideal tack when powerlifting.
  • 5.75"L sleeve; not meant for loads in excess of 150lb
  • 100% Made in the USA

Lightweight, easy-to-use design. Measuring smaller and lighter than the Mesabi Bar that's its namesake, the IronRange Mesabi Jr 10 kg Olympic Bar is a great introductory bar for beginners. Lighter weight allows beginning weightlifters to become familiar with a variety of barbell movements before progressing to heavier loads. 5.75"L sleeves accommodate any Olympic bumper and can hold up to 150lb of load to transition from work with an empty barbell to loaded movements.

Perfect knurling for Olympic and Powerlifting. Light knurling is easier on hands of beginner lifters. Knurling goes all the way to the sleeve to support any grip style. Olympic and Powerlifting knurl marks allow for these bars to be used in a variety of training programs.

Professional look and feel. Designed as an introductory training bar for institutions and commercial settings, this bar has an incredibly long-lasting construction.190k tensile strength steel matches that of our strongest barbells, so they'll hold up to consistent use for years. Blemish and corrosion-resistant zinc coating further protects the bar from degrading over time. Snap ring construction and self-lubricating bronze bushings ensure a snug sleeve fit and a bearing surface that won't jam over time.

  • Bar Weight: 10 kg
  • Bar Diameter: 25 mm
  • Bar Length: 64"L
  • Loadable Sleeve Area: 5¾"L
  • Knurling: 17½"L
  • Center knurl: No
  • Knurl Marks: Olympic and powerlifting
  • Whip: Medium