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IronRange Mesabi Men's 20 kg Olympic Bars

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Our very best hybrid men's Olympic bars are perfect for any training regimen.

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  • Can be used effectively for both the Olympic lifts and power lifts.
  • High-tensile strength (190K) steel provides optimal durability for any commercial setting
  • 28.5mm diameter
  • Self-lubricating oilite bronze bushings ensure excellent bearing surface and sleeve rotation during the Olympic lifts.
  • Feature Olympic and Powerlifting knurl marks.
  • Gopher's Just-Right Knurling enables ideal tack for powerlifting, while remaining comfortable when practicing Olympic lifts.
  • Available with a zinc-coating for outstanding resistance to corrosion or bare steel for enhanced tack and chalk-retention
  • Available in a variety of colors to match any facility
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Customize end caps with your team's or facility's logo

Designed to be the perfect all-around Olympic bar. Hybrid bars are designed with physical characteristics that make them optimal for performing both Olympic and power lifts safely and effectively. 28.5mm shaft diameter provides the whip and feel of a men’s Olympic weightlifting bar, without creating unwanted bar bend when pulling heavy deadlifts. Self-lubricating bushings provide an excellent bearing surface for optimal sleeve rotation during snatch and clean.

Our most durable weightlifting bars. High-tensile strength (190K) steel offers superior longevity against comparable commercial weightlifting bars. Dual snap-ring construction and higher machining tolerances ensure snug sleeve fit that won't come loose with time or wear. Zinc finishing protects against corrosion and maintains appropriate knurl gauge.

Optimal knurling. Gopher's proprietary Just-Right Knurling ensures ideal tack for heavy pulling on deadlifts and other powerlifting exercises, while remaining comfortable on hands during the Olympic lifts. Olympic and Powerlifting knurl marks assist athletes regardless of training style.

  • Steel tensile strength: 190k
  • Bar Weight: 20 kg
  • Bar Diameter: 28.5 mm
  • Bar Length: 86.5"L
  • Loadable Sleeve Area: 16.5"L
  • Knurling: Gopher's Just-Right Knurling
  • Center knurl: No
  • Knurl Marks: Olympic and powerlifting
  • Whip: Medium

Customized end caps available (minimum purchase of 3 bars), to order call 1-800-847-5334


The Most Irreplaceable Tool

While many would argue the power rack is the foundation of the modern weight room, we believe the Olympic bar to be the single-most indispensible tool available to the contemporary strength coach. Used more than any other singular piece of equipment, it doesn't pay to cut corners on quality. That's why we went to great lengths to ensure the Mesabi Hybrid Olympic bar measures up to professional coaches' standards of durability and performance for running their elite strength programs.


Unequaled Craftsmanship

All Gopher Performance Olympic bars are manufactured & developed right in our backyard of Owatonna, MN. Proximity to the end-product, small-batch manufacturing, and multiple inspection points allows us to enforce a standard of quality craftsmanship that exceeds industry standards for quality and performance.


Unmatched Materials

We start with the highest quality USA bar stock featuring a high-tensile strength alloy that ensures the end product's durability without embrittlement. We utilize a corrosion and abrasion-resistant zinc finish, dipped in smaller batches which promotes an evenly-layered finishing coat that ensures the bar looks and performs well for years.


The Perfect Feel

All-purpose Olympic bars by design need to accommodate a variety of users and modalities. We set out to create a proprietary knurl that balances the needs of weightlifting and powerlifting exercises; providing enough depth for those sports without being overly-aggressive. Our Just-Right Knurling hits that mark, and is sure to satisfy both experienced lifters as well as novices.


Optimal Sleeve Rotation

Many assume that there are only two types of quality bearing mechanisms in barbells: bushings and needle bearings. Yet within these two categories there lies significant nuance. Our Mesabi Hybrid bars utilize an Oilite Bronze Bushing, which is vastly superior to comparable composite bushings which breakdown over time. Oilite Bronze Bushings are also self-lubricating, providing a dependable, friction-reducing surface between the bar sleeve and shaft.


Made in the USA

We're proud to be a domestic supplier of 100% USA-sourced Olympic Barbells. USA weightlifting bars utilize higher quality materials, and are produced in smaller quantities which drastically-improves the quality and performance of the end-product.