IronRange™ Mesabi™ Men's 20 kg Olympic Bars

Our very best men's Olympic weightlifting bars!

This bar is made in Minnesota using 190,000 PSI tensile strength American steel for top performance. Named after one of the vast iron ore deposits on the Iron Range, Mesabi™ Bars offer truly excellent performance. Bronze bushings spin easily and never require maintenence. Knurled at just the right depth, with finger marks at the Olympic and powerlifting positions. Colored BarID™ system (Blue = Men's) makes it easy for users to select the right bar. 

  • Steel tensile strength: 190k
  • Bar Weight: 20 kg
  • Bar Diameter:28.5 mm
  • Bar Length: 86.5"L
  • Loadable Sleeve Area: 16.5"L
  • Knurling: Gopher's Just-Right Knurling™
  • Center knurl: No
  • Knurl Marks: Olympic and powerlifting
  • Whip: Medium  (slighly loer than Mesabie™ Elite bar)
  • BarID™ = Blue (Men's)
  • Bar/Sleeve Finish: Choose from 6 styles



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