IronRange™ Duluth™ 45 lb Power Bar

A thicker power bar that can take a beating.

Stiffer bars are knurled in the center for grip during back squats in addition to being knurled all the way to the collar. Medium knurling for a secure grip anywhere. The Duluth™ is our least expensive and largest diameter power bar at 32 mm in dia for users who like a thicker bar. Made in the USA.

Features of the Duluth™ Men's 45 lb Bar include:

  • 32 mm diameter
  • 1,000 lb static test bar
  • Medium knurling
  • Center knurling
  • 86.5"L
  • Bright Zinc finish
  • 16.5" of loadable area on sleeves
  • BarID™ = Black (Power Bars)

More about our IronRange™ Weightlifting Bars:

Made in Minnesota, home of the Iron Range, these bars are built from the best-quality American steel and each is named after one of the historic iron ore ranges that fueled the Industrial Revolution. All IronRange™ bars feature dual, self-lubricating bronze bushings for enhanced spin and minimal upkeep. Each bar is knurled all the way to the collar to offer a secure grip for any size user. Collars and sleeves are secured to the bar with dual snap-rings to ensure they won't come loose. Our color-coded BarID™ system makes it easy for lifters to select and use different bars. (Blue BarID™ = Men's Olympic Bars; Yellow BarID™ = Women's Olympic Bars; Black BarID™ = Power Bars).



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