IronRange™ Gunflint™ Men's 20 kg Power Bar

The power bar to fill your gym with.

Stiffer bars are knurled in the center for grip during back squats in addition to being knurled all the way to the collar. Medium knurling for a secure grip anywhere. The Gunflint™ is a slightly less expensive 28.5 mm dia bar that uses a slightly lower tensile and yield strength of steel. Minimal flex. Made in the USA. Features of the Gunflint™ 20 kg Power Bar include:

  • 28.5 mm diameter
  • Minimum tensile strength: 165k
  • Minimum yield strength: 140k
  • Medium knurling
  • Center knurling
  • 86.5"L
  • Bright Zinc finish 16.5" of loadable area on sleeves BarID™ = Black (Power Bars)

More about our IronRange™ Weightlifting Bars:

Made in Minnesota, home of the Iron Range, these bars are built from the best-quality American steel and each is named after one of the historic iron ore ranges that fueled the Industrial Revolution. All IronRange™ bars feature dual, self-lubricating bronze bushings for enhanced spin and minimal upkeep. Each bar is knurled all the way to the collar to offer a secure grip for any size user. Collars and sleeves are secured to the bar with dual snap-rings to ensure they won't come loose. Our color-coded BarID™ system makes it easy for lifters to select and use different bars. (Blue BarID™ = Men's Olympic Bars; Yellow BarID™ = Women's Olympic Bars; Black BarID™ = Power Bars).



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