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Detonate VariBar Multi Grip Bar


Vary your pressing and accessory movements with this durable, versatile multi-grip bar!

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  • Neutral lift position reduces shoulder stress and creates a more ergonomic pressing motion.
  • 3 grip widths allow for narrow, intermediate, and wide-grip pressing/pulling
  • At 75"L the bar is fully rackable and can be integrated into a number of traditional lifting exercises.
  • Powder-coated black steel ensures superior durability and professional appeal.

Neutral, versatile grip options. A neutral grip on these multi-grip bars reduces stress on the shoulder during presses, bent-over rows, and more. User's performing a high-volume of pressing in their training program will experience fewer impingements and less pain. 3 different grip widths unlock the potential to work different muscle groups at different intensities, making the VariBar multi-grip bar a must-have for any weight room. Athletes can perform narrow-grip, intermediate-grip, and wide-grip pressing to target different muscle groups in different ways.

Commercial durability. The VariBar multi-grip bar is designed for high-intensity use in commercial gyms and other training facilities. Its solid-steel construction is protected by a black powder-coated finish that’s both durable and aesthetically pleasing. It’ll resist abrasion and abuse, even when dropped.

  • Measures: 75"L x 11½"W x 3"H
  • Weighs: 52½ lb