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Curl Bars

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These curl bars allow for more challenging upper body exercises.

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  • Available in 48", 54", and 60"L options, these Olympic curl bars are ideal for any commercial facility.
  • 48" and 54"L bars use snap-ring construction to firmly fix sleeves to the bar shaft.
  • 48" and 54"L bars feature a zinc-coating for enhanced resistance to rust and damage from moisture or grease.
  • Bars have medium knurling to ensure stable, comfortable grip while lifting.

48"L curl bars. These introductory curl bars measure 25 mm dia for a comfortable, accommodating grip. Gopher’s Just Right™ Knurling provides stability and lends confidence to lifters. Bright zinc coating showcases outstanding finish and durability. Snap-ring construction firmly fixes sleeves to the bar shaft so they won't loosen over time. Bronze bushings allow for optimal sleeve rotation and eliminate unwanted momentum changes. Bar weighs 20 lb.

54"L curl bars. Intermediate curl bars offer the same features as 48"L models, with larger specs to support more confident lifters. Bar has a slightly thicker 28 mm dia with medium knurling, with an additional 5 lb of weight for a total of 25 lb. Longer bar challenges athletes to widen their grip, to dig deeper for more strenuous reps and better results.

60"L curl bars. Our longest curl bar, the 60"L bar taxes an athlete’s grip to the max, forcing a wider hold that’s preferred by advanced users. 30mm dia bar supports more added weight than other models. The bar itself weighs 30 lb. Medium knurling combined with the exceptional features of its smaller counterparts makes it a preferred bar for easy accessory exercises between more strenuous lifts.