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Curl Bars

Curl Bars

Troy Coated Fixed Barbells
IronRange Vertical Bar Racks
Hextreme Bar
Detonate BARricade Bar Racks
Gopher Buffalo Bar
RackUp Bar Rack
HexCel Bar
Tsunami Bar
Fixed Barbells

Fixed Barbells

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Buy the highest quality American-made weight bars from Gopher Performance!

Domestically produced using the strongest materials, our specialty and standard barbells are the best on the market. Their high-tensile strength alloys, low-maintenance bushings or needle bearings, and corrosion- and abrasion-resistant finishes allow for the best functionality, durability, and value for your fitness space.

Shop our wide assortment of Olympic bars, powerlifting bars, and hybrid bars, plus a variety of specialty and technique bars for specific situations or lifts. Grab a buffalo bar for improved comfort and back support, reach for an axle bar to build grip strength in traditional barbell exercises, or choose a multi-purpose bar for curls, presses, and dynamic fitness areas.

Once you choose the right bars, make sure to keep them pristine with barbell storage. Our vertical, horizontal, and wall-mounted racks save space and keep your equipment looking new for years to come.

Get weightlifting bars from Gopher Performance!