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Chain Gain

Chain Gain

ProLoc Bar Collars
Fortify Dip Belt
Fortify Wraps & Straps
MagneStore Storage Pegs
Gopher Barbell Pad
Brawn Shorty Resistance Bands
DuraBlocks Wood Pulling Blocks
Gopher Combo Box
Athletic Gym Chalk
Squat Ramp Wedge
VariBlocks Foam Pulling Blocks

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Purchase convenient weightlifting accessories from Gopher Sport to maximize gains and athlete safety!

Get all the safety gear and weightlifting equipment you need to maximize athlete training efficiency and minimize unnecessary risk of injury.

An adjustable squat box allows athletes to make considerable gains despite lacking experience or rehabbing from injury. Barbell pads add comfort to the neck and shoulders under heavy loads from Olympic lifts. Lifting belts and straps support joints to avoid injury during lifts.

In addition to safety, our accessories add efficiency to every lifting session. Athletic chalk absorbs moisture on hands, giving users better grip on the bar or rig. A bar jack creates the perfect height for quick loading between sets. High-quality collars snug up to plates on the bar and pop off in seconds.

Buy long-lasting weightlifting accessories from Gopher Performance!