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Farmer's Walk Bars
Axle Bar

Axle Bar

Flip'T Trainer

Flip'T Trainer

Chain Gain

Chain Gain

Grinder Speed Sled
Hextreme Bar
Ballast Weight Sled
Brawn Resistance Bands
AlterForce Sandbags
HexCel Bar
Fortify Wraps & Straps
Yukon 2.0 Push/Pull Sled
Contra Dual Direction Drag Sled
ExpLoad Drag Sled

ExpLoad Drag Sled

Impact Atlas Medicine Balls
Yukon 2.0 Speed Sled Handles

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Lift bigger and max out grip strength with strongman gear purchased from Gopher Performance!

From heavy-weighted carries to odd-object lifts, strongman workouts require Herculean strength, power, and grip. Whether training for competition or simply adding variety to an existing strength and conditioning routine, this is the best gear to take strongman exercises to the next level.

Push or pull massive loads with a variety of weight sleds and harnesses to build general endurance, or maximize grip strength with farmer’s walk bars, handles, and other specialty barbells. Coaches and trainers can test athletes’ raw power with medicine balls up to 100 lb and sandbags up to 120 lb!

Buy strongman equipment from Gopher Performance!