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SkillStix Lifting Platform


An economical way to create a designated weight lifting space!

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  • At nearly 1/3 of the price of wood weight lifting platforms, it’s easy for smaller facilities and those with limited budgets to have a dedicated space.
  • 6’L x 8’W sticker (comes as 2 stickers) can be placed on almost any smooth surface to create a lifting space that maintains its function for other workouts and uses.
  • Flush design also eliminates a tripping hazard.
  • Industrial-strength adhesive lasts through repeated long-term use and graphics will not wear off.
  • Sleek gray/black look with a center dot drill design to increase its versatility.

All of the functionality of a platform at an incredible value. Although traditional wood or rubber inlaid and elevated platforms are excellent for dedicating a specific space for lifting, they are incredibly expensive, bulky, and can limit the functionality of that space. With SkillStix, all that is required is a flat, even surface, and you get the same 8’ x 6’ platform space so athletes can safely perform Olympic lifts. Then, when training is done, the space can be used for other exercises. The SkillStix platforms also feature a regulation size dot-drill sequence to add further functionality to these platforms.

Outstanding durability for high-traffic facilities. Our proprietary SkillStix material is powered by an industrial adhesive that's designed to withstand serious abuse. When properly laid on flat, clean flooring, it withstands thousands of reps. The design also eliminates the tripping hazard of a traditional elevated platform.

How to adhere them to the floor. All that's necessary to adhere these to your flooring is a completely flat, clean surface. It's best to both vacuum and wipe the designated area so it's free of any dust and debris before laying these platforms flat. Since these stickers come in two divided pieces, lay the first sticker from corner to corner, using a flat edge to remove any air pockets. Then, line up the second sticker next to the first in order to align your platform. Repeat the process.