IronRange Free Standing Training Station


Our flagship training rig provides unmatched versatility for your facility

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  • Compact design conserves space in gyms and enables more users to train at the same time in a variety of modes.
  • Rigs can be outfitted with over a dozen IronRange accessories for versatile training and improved functionality.
  • 3"x3" steel tubing, 11-gauge steel, and 3/4" hardware provides outstanding durability for use in any facility.
  • Non-marring UHMW is placed on the J-cups where bars would otherwise come into contact with the steel on the rig. Prevents undue scratches, chips, and blemishes to the rig or barbell.
  • Available in 4 different lengths from 10' to 24'L, in a free-standing option.
  • All stations are 8'H and 70" deep allowing users to train on the pullup bars between rack stations
  • 6 powder-coated color options to suit any facility.
  • Black ships in 4 days or less, other colors require 4 week lead time.

An IronRange pullup rig consolidates numerous training stations and modalities into a single, complete station. In comparison to traditional power racks, these training stations are an ideal solution to accommodating multiple athletes training at the same time. The spacing between rack stations and pullup bars allow coaches or trainers to maximize the amount of work their athletes can perform in a given footprint. Individually, athletes can perform various circuit exercises with minimal time in between exercises.

Outfit your IronRange rig with over a dozen different accessories to improve functionality, safety, and training potential. Examples include rope anchors, wall ball targets, landmine bolts, spotting arms, dip stations, and more.

Our base-level rig features unparalleled durability and functionality for a great value. 3" x 3" 11-gauge powder-coated 8’H posts and powder-coated steel crossbars will take a beating without compromise, presenting unwavering safety and reliability in your gym. J-hooks also feature non-marring UHMW to protect both racks and bar knurling from scuffs that occur when repeatedly racking a barbell. Heavy-duty bar rests attach without bolts or pins for additional stability.

Freestanding rigs increase total rack square footage, leaving more space for squatting, pressing, or any other exercises requiring j-hooks and uprights. These rigs are bolted to the floor and accessible from all sizes, with various workout capabilities spanning the perimeter of the station. Specify color when ordering (options listed below). Truck delivery.

Choose from the following six station colors:

    • Carmine Red (RAL 3002)
    • Signal Red (RAL 3001)
    • Signal Blue (RAL 5005)
    • Signal Gray (RAL 7004)
    • Jet Black (RAL 9005)
    • Signal White (RAL 9003)