IronRange™ Racks

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Rock solid power racks with the toughness of the Iron Range.

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  • Available in the traditional power rack, half rack with storage, and power rack with storage to accommodate any need, budget, or space.
  • 3x3", 11-gauge steel combined with 3/4" hardware provides a superior foundation that will withstand the toughest weight rooms.
  • Over a dozen accessory attachment options add versatility and function to your racks.
  • Non-marring UHMW on the spotting arms (half rack and power rack with storage models) and J-cups prevent undue damage from steel-on-steel contact between bars and the rack.
  • Overhead pullup bar allows for supinated, pronated, and neutral grip pullups.
  • Band pegs on each model allow for accommodating resistance in squats and presses.
  • Holes for bar rests and spotting arms are spaced 1" apart, for a greater capacity to accommodate different user heights.
  • 6 different color options available to make these an ideal fit for any program or facility.

Power Rack. The IronRange™ power rack provides outstanding safety and functionality with a 59"W x 35"D footprint that's smaller than comparable power racks. Despite their compact size, they in no way sacrifice safety, durability or function. The power rack allows the barbell to be contained within the rack itself for additional safety and control. Includes bar rest and chromed spotting arms. 96"H.

Half Rack w/Storage. Open design enables greater freedom of movement and a wide variety of lifts. Includes spotting arms coated with UHMW to protect bar knurling from scuffs. 5 horizontal posts on each side keep plates nearby and store them appropriately. Band pegs and 2 vertical bar holders also included. Measures 59"W x 60"D x 96"H.

Power Rack w/Storage. Features the full-functionality and safety of a power rack, with the added storage space for bars and plates. These power racks are the complete solution for barbell training in gyms. Rack also includes UHMW-coated safety arms. Measures 59"W x 75"D x 96"H.

  • Carmine Red (#3002)
  • Signal Red (#3001)
  • Signal Blue (#5005)
  • Signal Gray (#7004)
  • Jet Black (#9005)
  • Signal White (#9003)