IronRange™ Premier™ Bar Rests

Use to rest your weightlifting bars between reps or to store when not in use on your IronRange™ Premier™ Rack.

Even though the Premier™ Racks are already fully loaded with accessories, you can add another level of functionality. Each accessory is only compatible with IronRange™ Premier™ Racks. Each features a premium powder-coated finish and UHMW protective plastic anywhere the accessory contacts the rack. Other IronRange™ Premier™ accessories include: Dip Station, Storage Hook, Plate Storage Post, Landmine, and Resistance Band Arm. Accessory Receptacle is required for Landmine and Resistance Band Arm Attachment (sold separately). Specify Color on Bar Rests (see color options below). Truck delivery.

Choose from the following 14 color options:

  • Black Gray (#7021)
  • Silver Gray (#7001)
  • Iron Gray (#7011)
  • Jet Black (#9005)
  • Signal Violet (#4008)
  • Signal Yellow (#1003)
  • Signal White (#9003)
  • Traffic White (#9016)
  • Traffic Blue (#5017)
  • Ultramarine Blue (#5002)
  • Vermillion (#2002)
  • Yellow Green (#6018)
  • Leaf Green (#6002)
  • Luminous Green (#6038)

More about our IronRange™ Premier™ Racks:

The thickest steel available in our IronRange™ family, a 4" x 3" 7-gauge frame so you can lift and rack very heavy weight with confidence. Uprights use a special coating so they won't chip when you move accessories. Quick-adjust bar rests and spotting arms lock fall securely into slots in the uprights and "lock" with spring pins; they won't move until you want them to. Numbering system on uprights. Each rack includes one pair of bar rests, one pair of safety spot arms and integrated weight plate storage posts (Double Half Rack includes twice as many listed items). Oak Lifting Platforms with rack inserts also available for each rack (sold separately). Custom logo available on lifting platforms (sold separately). Truck delivery.

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