IronRange™ Elite™ Wall Ball Target

Improve aim and upper-body strength with a Wall Ball Target on your IronRange™ Elite™ system!

Expand and customize your IronRange™ Elite™ and Elite™ Elev8™ Training Stations with a wide variety of accessories. All metal-to-metal contacts are protected with UHMW plastic. All bolt-on accessories require a wrench to install or move. Other IronRange™ Elite™ training accessories include Landmine, Chin-Up Bar, 48" & 72" Flying Pull-Up Bars, Heavy Bag Attachment*, D-Handle, and 6' Floor Plate**. Truck delivery.

*Heavy Bag requires a Crossbeam for installation.

**6' Floor Plate is required for IronRange™ Elite™ Training Stations that absolutely can't be mounted to the floor or need to be portable. Uprights MUST be bolted directly to the floor (preferably concrete). Uprights can be bolted to floor plates only in extremely rare situations where bolting the upright directly to the floor is impossible. Gopher Performance assumes no liability or responsibility. We strongly recommend all posts be mounted directly to the floor.

More about our IronRange™ Elite™ Training Stations:

Our premier multi-station training system kicks it up a notch with an extra 12" of height and laser-cut positioning numbers on posts. Built rock-solid, with 3" x 3" 11-gauge 9'H posts and double crossmembers secured with heavy-duty 1" dia hardware. Plus, the powder-coated posts undergo an extra finishing process for a smoother, more durable, and better-looking finish. All stations are 70"D. Must be bolted to ground. Assembly required. Accessories sold separately. Choose Free-Standing or Wall-Mount Training Station.

More about our IronRange™ Elite™ Elev8™ Training Stations:

Ground-level strengthening, plus elevated body-weight challenges, provide a rigorous training destination for up to 20 users. Includes all station components as shown: posts, crossbeams, crossmembers, and monkey bars. Accessories include flying pull-up bar, 2 pair bar rests, 2 pair spotting arms, incline bench, D-handle, Armory™ 4-shelf storage, dip station, glute ham station, plyo step, heavy bag attachment, wall ball target, chin-up bar, and landmine attachment, as shown.

Customize your own IronRange™ Elite™ Elev8™ Training Station to any configuration and any combination of accessories! We can work with you to assemble any combination of structural components, training accessories, and storage to your unique needs. Call for details and pricing.

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