IronRange Elite Power Racks


These power racks are a step above our IronRange line, with laser-cut numbering, thicker bolts, and an elite finish.

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  • Available in the traditional power rack, half rack with storage, and power rack with storage
  • 3x3", 11-gauge steel, 1" hardware, and steel bracing between the upright posts and frame create an unyielding foundation for strength training.
  • Dozens of accessory options allow users to make the IronRange Elite our most functional rack.
  • Non-marring UHMW on the spotting arms (half rack and power rack with storage models) and J-cups prevent undue damage from steel-on-steel contact between bars and the rack.
  • Powder-coated pullup bar provides an excellent means of improving upper-body pulling strength.
  • 13 different color options for our most customizable power racks.

Power Racks. The original rack design that keeps users safe during barbell training, with upgraded features for enhanced function and durability. Extremely stable at all times thanks to premium powder-coated, 3" x 3" 11-gauge steel frame and thick 1" dia bolts. Additional steel bracing is used where the legs meet the base to ensure these racks will not waver after years of heavy lifting on them. Includes powder-coated bar rests for added safety. Also available with 4 plate storage posts on each side. Measures 49"W x 42"D x 90"H without storage. 316 lb.

Half Rack w/Storage. Open design offers a dedicated barbell training space in a smaller footprint than comparable power racks. Includes spotting arms coated with UHMW, that protects the rack and barbells from undue scratches and scuffs. Identical construction quality to the Power Rack, with the addition of 5 horizontal posts on each side for plate storage. Measures 76"W x 63"D x 80"H. 444 lb.

Power Rack w/Storage. The largest Elite Rack we offer, this station combines two half racks with universal plate storage to give coaches, trainers, and athletes a greater barbell training capacity in a smaller space. Station measures 76"W x 91"D x 90"H. 656 lb.

  • Black Gray (#7021)
  • Silver Gray (#7001)
  • Iron Gray (#7011)
  • Jet Black (#9005)
  • Signal Violet (#4008)
  • Signal Yellow (#1003)
  • Signal White (#9003)
  • Traffic White (#9016)
  • Traffic Blue (#5017)
  • Ultramarine Blue (#5002)
  • Vermillion (#2002)
  • Yellow Green (#6018)
  • Leaf Green (#6002)