BeaverFit Performance Training Lockers

The original patented training lockers made for the military, tailored to fit your outdoor training facility.

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Please call 1-855-899-9510 to order. These products cannot be purchased online.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 5 and 10'L Storage containers that can unfold into a highly-functional training stations.
  • 5' Locker includes:
    • 2 Squat Racks/Olympic Lifting Stations
    • 6 Pullup Stations
    • 1 Wall Ball Target
    • 1 Landmine
    • Step Platform
    • 12' Rope Climbing Tower
    • Internal racking and storage for kettlebells, plates, bars, and other accessories
  • 10' Locker includes:
    • 3 Squat Racks/Olympic Lifting Stations
    • 12 Pullup Stations
    • 1 Wall Ball Target
    • 1 Landmine
    • Step Platform
    • 2 Climbing Wings
    • Internal racking and storage for kettlebells, plates, bars, and other accessories
  • Can be assembled in less than 30 minutes; no tools required.
  • 11-gauge galvanized steel with 3" x 3" tubing withstands outdoor elements without rust or decay.
  • Black powder-coated finish, with custom branding available upon request.
  • Outfit with your favorite Gopher Equipment for a fully-equipped training package.

More Versatility than any other outdoor training solution. BeaverFit Performance Training Lockers are patented and well-known for their incredible versatility, organization, and longevity. No other outdoor training rig provides everything needed to accommodate up to 30 athletes outdoors. Uncompromising in versatility, the station features multiple outdoor squat racks and freestanding pullup bars, as well as plenty of storage for accessories and other equipment.

Coaches and trainers can easily fill the container with the ideal buildout for their athletes’ training focus or regimen. Both 5’ and 10’ lockers allow for multiple strength training and conditioning modalities to occur simultaneously between numerous users.

Durability to withstand the elements. Hot-dipped galvanized steel is certified rust- and corrosion-free for up to 15 years. This entire training rig is fully-capable of being used outdoors exclusively, without worrying about steel oxidizing or rusting in the face of inclement weather or humid conditions. 3" x 3" tubing lends even more durability to the structure, enabling it to be used on any firm, flat surface.

Ultimate customization capabilities. Project your facility name or logo for all athlete to see through a fully-customizable finish, available in a wide range of colors. Customization makes a statement to athletes, members, or onlookers, showcasing your dedication to training excellence. Further outfit a training station with Gopher equipment to create a tailored all-inclusive package that meets the needs of any facility.

Other Specifications

  • Assembled: 5', 8'L x 7'W x 12'H; 10', 13'L x 20'L x 12'H
  • Disassembled: 5', 8'L x 5'W x 7'H; 10', 10'L x 8'W x 8'H
  • Weight: 5', 3,500 lb; 10', 5,000 lb

Please call for pricing. 1-855-899-9510