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TruLoc Bar and Locking Collar


Truly lock your plates in place with the most secure barbell and collar system on the market.

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Retightening the collars on a weightlifting bar after every set can now be a thing of the past. All other bars on the market have smooth sleeves, and all other collars on the market rely on friction against that smooth sleeve to keep the plates on the bar in place.

We’ve solved this problem with a patented system that features grooved sleeves on a quality weightlifting bar and a special locking collar. Slide your plates, then the custom TruLoc collar on the grooved sleeves, and simply twist it to create a positive lock. It’s that easy. Your rubber or metal plates stay secure set after set, even during rigorous routines and drops so the focus is on the lift and not on the equipment.

Visual indicators on the collar allow lifters to quickly identify if the collar is locked or unlocked. A padded disc sits flush against plates to protect both the plates and collar from damage. It also assists in absorbing shock when the bar is dropped.

If you're concerned about lifter safety with unsecure plates or just tired of collars that loosen over time and interrupt your training regimen, this bar and collar system is for you. The 28.5 mm 190,000 PSI tensile strength TruLoc bar weighs 20 kg and has our exclusive Just-Right Knurling in the center and on the ends for the perfect grip. This bright zinc bar also includes Olympic and power lifting finger marks. Olympic plates slide smoothly on and off the bar during weight changes, there’s no catching on the grooved sleeves.

Only TruLoc collars should be used with this bar, traditional collars will not perform effectively. Complete Set includes 1 TruLoc bar and 1 pair of TruLoc collars.