DuraBlocks™ Wood Pulling Blocks

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Precision manufacturing for unmatched durability and finish in a technique block.

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  • Thick, void-free birch weight lifting pulling blocks are incredibly robust; designed to outlast comparable wood products.
  • 1-1/2" thick top layer withstands high-volume use and abuse.
  • Available in 6" and 12"H pairs, with large 32" x 20" surface area that makes it easy for a wide range of users to safely develop proficiency in the Olympic lifts.
  • Blocks nest snugly to avoid shifting when heavy weight is dropped.
  • Rounded, 2" high edge prevents the bar from accidentally rolling off.
  • Sold in individual pairs or as a complete set with one pair of each height, 6"H and 12"H.
  • 6"H block: 32"L x 20"W x 6"H; 40 lb each. 12"H block: 32"L x 20"W x 12"H; 53 lb each.

Incredible craftsmanship. Void-free birch provides greater durability than comparable wood blocks that use lesser-quality materials and wood plugs that can crack and cause weak spots. The 1-1/2" thick top is subjected to rigorous testing to withstand heavy loads and high-volume use, then we add reinforced bracing and supports to ensure rock-solid stability. Finished edges and quality materials produce a smooth finish, free of safety hazards and potential splintering.

Easy to use. Smoothly routed handles make the blocks easy to grip and move into place. A large surface area gives beginners confidence to safely drop their weights without fear of missing the blocks. An extra-thick top creates a deader bounce than similar wood blocks, in which the plates may careen off when dropped.

Sturdy, 2"W ledge keeps bars from rolling off of the blocks and potentially causing injury.


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