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Chain Gain

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The easiest way to add weightlifting chains to your training.

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  • Proprietary design makes these the easiest to use weightlifting chains on the market.
  • Molded collar slides over bar sleeve, eliminating friction that can cause scuffs or damages caused by metal-on-metal contact.
  • 5 lb chain loops can be supplemented with additional 20 lb chain attachments that affix easily to the included carabiner.
  • 5'L chain additions work for nearly any user height.
  • Sold as individual chains or collars, and as a complete set with a pair of collars and a pair of 20lb, 5'L chains.

Add scalable resistance to lifts. Chains and bands are perhaps the easiest way to utilize accommodating resistance in squats, deadlifts, benching, and more. Weightlifting chains hanging from the bar provide a full 25 lb of additional resistance (with the included collars and 20lb attachments) on each side. When chains pool on the floor as the user descends in the lift, the resistance is lightened. Consequently, users are able to work through sticking points in the bottom of their lifts where they're weaker, while experiencing enhanced resistance as the rep is completed for greater gains in strength and power.

Safe for your equipment. Most traditional weightlifting chains are held in place by friction screws. This is damaging to barbells and can cause excessive wear and tear. Chain Gain uses gravity to stay firmly in place, along with a non-slip rubberized interior grip system. The molded collar won’t slip or slide to create weight imbalances.

Superior durability. Chain Gain is zinc-coated for longevity and resilience in the face of consistent use in commercial gym environments. Chains withstand everything from clinking together during the low point of lifts, to accidental contact with other metal equipment. They’re also incredibly corrosion-resistant to prevent rusting or general degradation.

  • Complete Set
  • Pair of Chains 5’L, 5/8" chains (20 lb ea)