Chain Gain™

The best weightlifting chain system.

The Chain Gain™ System is the best way to add progressive resistance to any weightlifting movement. Our durable grippy rubber collars easily slide onto your bar's sleeves; each grips the sleeve securely to stay in place during lifts. Screwing into your bar to use chains is now a thing of the past! The rubber collar also protects both the bar and collar from metal-to-metal contact, eliminating damage to either piece of equipment. When training is done, simply slide the collar off.  

The Chain Gain™ System includes one pair of Chain Gain™ collars (with an attached 4'L loop of 3/8" chain, 5 lb ea) and one pair of quality zinc-coated 5'L, 5/8" chains (20 lb ea). Collars and additional chains also sold separately.

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