Gopher Urethane Bumper Plates

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Our most professional bumper plates!

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  • Our most professional bumper plates, with outstanding appearance, durability, and performance
  • Full-color plate will not fade so it looks vibrant and professional for years.
  • Stainless steel insert provides greater stability during repeated drops. Urethane also provides greater compression resistance than any other material.
  • A dead bounce when dropped keeps users safe and focused on training vs. chasing a runaway bar. This is due to urethane effectively absorbing impact better than other materials.

The perfect plate for Olympic lifts

No other bumper plate will last longer or retain its professional appearance like the Gopher Urethane Plates. Urethane provides an outstanding base for a training bumper plate in the Olympic lifts for all the reasons listed above. A stainless steel insert that is corrosion resistant enhances the plate's longevity by allowing it to be more compact than comparable bumpers with smaller inserts. A consistent dead bounce from high-durometer urethane ensures users won't be chasing the bar around the platform—they'll be able to line up their next lift quickly and easily. Vibrant colors make it easy to identify load for both athletes and coaches or trainers wishing to monitor their athletes' sessions. These plates are also thinner than comparable rubber bumper plates which makes it easier to add more plates to bar sleeves.


  • Plate Pairs. Include 2 ea 10, 25, 35, or 45 lb
  • Plate Sets
    • Light - 2 plates in each of the 4 weights
    • Heavy - 4 plates in each of the 4 weights
  • Packs. Include 160 lb in weights (2 ea 10, 25, 45 lb plates), 1 IronRange™ Hybrid Bar (Men's Mesabi or Women's Cuyuna), 2 LocDown Bar Collars, and 1 IronRange Plate Harbor Horizontal Mobile Rack.