Troy Barbell Competition Bumper Plates

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Designed for serious lifters with exact International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) specifications.

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The quality construction of Troy Barbell Competition Bumper Plates makes them perfect for tough Olympic lifting or for challenging training workouts. These bumper plates are constructed from premium rubber with a steel hub and are tested to stand up to 30,000 drops, so they’re durable and long lasting. They’re also crafted to dead blow after being dropped, so they’ll have little bounce. They won’t damage your floor or platform, and they won’t damage themselves either.

In addition to being durable, Troy Barbell Competition Bumper Plates are guaranteed to have an accurate weight according to the rigorous International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) tolerances. This accuracy lets you solidly track your progress and also prepare for weightlifting competition.

The Troy Barbell Competition Bumper Plates are also convenient, because their construction makes them thinner than standard rubber bumper plates. Each of the Troy plates has an oversized 450 mm steel hub in its center. Because steel is heavier than rubber, the plates are able to reach regulation weight without the added bulk that comes with standard rubber bumper plates. Thinner plates also means you’re able to load more of them onto your bar.

Troy Barbell Competition Bumper Plates are also quiet. Each plate’s 50.2 mm opening is machined to a precise tolerance that fits closely around the bar. This construction reduces plate rattle, which leads to a more enjoyable workout with minimal noise annoyance.

Not only do the Troy Barbell Competition Bumper Plates perform well, they also have a clean, attractive look that professionalizes the appearance of your facility. Their bright green (10 kg), yellow (15 kg), blue (20 kg), and red (25 kg) colors follow the IWF specifications for each weight. The colors also make each weight increment easy to identify.

Troy Barbell Competition Bumper Plates are sold in pairs. Also consider adding an IronRange Bumper Plate Tree or a Stationary or Mobile IronRange Bumper Stacker, so you can effortlessly organize and store your plates.