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Sweight Weight Plates

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Sweight Plates give you a better workout with less weight!

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You already know that unstable loads require more muscle engagement than stable loads; that's the principle behind the Sweight weight plates, engage more muscles by letting the load sway during use.

A revolutionary design allows plates to "sway" in a pendulum style during movements, and users will quickly discover a more intense workout with lower weights. When Sweight Plates are mounted to a bar, users are required to use a slower, more controlled, and more symmetric movement to perform exercises.

Sweight Plates are very versatile. Use them instead of conventional plates for squats, deadlifts, presses, curls, lunges, or any other controlled lifts. Vary the intensity of the pendulum effect by mounting the plates to a bar using either one of the two different hole sets: the lower hole keeps the weight more centered on the bar, resulting in moderate instability, while the upper hole centers the load further below the center line of the bar for more intense instability. When used for deadlifts, the lower hole location puts the bar at the same starting height as a traditional bumper plate. The handles and narrow profile make them excellent for farmer's walks, side bends, swings, and more. Handles are also great for easy transport around the gym and to and from storage.

Durable cast iron construction means Sweight Plates will last through years of rigorous workouts. However, like other cast iron plates, dropping them can compromise their performance, so only use them in a controlled manner and don't drop them (dropping may also cause damage to floors and other equipment). Patented.

Complete Set. Includes one pair of each of the three weights, 160 lb total

Individual Pairs. Includes 2 of each weight (10, 25, 40 lb).