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PowerSurge Rubber Bumper Plates

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Design innovation and premium materials create our highest-performing black bumper plate


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  • 100% virgin rubber creates a smooth, matte-black finish that won't scuff or crack the way recycled rubber can.
  • High-durometer rubber deadens bounce, minimizes plate bending, and improves durability – tested to be damage-resistant after thousands of compressions.
  • Proprietary ridged-edge design offers a more secure grip for moving plates or performing accessory exercises.
  • Flanged, stainless steel inserts reduce friction with bar sleeves while providing a snug fit on Olympic bar sleeves.
  • Available in pairs, in sets, or in complete packs that include plates, a bar (Men's or Women's), a pair of bar collars, and a storage rack.

Upgraded black bumper plates will significantly outlast the competition. Unlike plates made of recycled rubber, our black bumper plates exclusively contain high-durometer virgin rubber. This higher-quality, all-new material offers outstanding longevity, tested to withstand thousands of compressions without cracking or showing wear, and is highly resistant to bending. A higher material density deadens bounce so the plates won't careen dangerously when dropped. Friction-reducing flanged steel inserts reduce wear on bar sleeve while providing a snug fit on Olympic bars.

Feature-rich design. Our proprietary ridged edge makes it easy to move plates from rack to bar, while providing a more secure grip for accessory work like plate carries, overhead lunges, curls, and tricep extensions. Debossed graphics won't fade or wear, so weights are easy to see and plates look great through high-volume use.

Set/Pack Options

  • Light Plate Set. Includes 2 plates in ea 10-45 lb weights.
  • Heavy Plate Set. Includes 4 plates in ea 10-45 lb weights.
  • PowerSurge Plate, Bar, and Collar Packs. Include 160 lb set of PowerSurge Bumper Plates (2 plates in ea 10, 25, 45 lb weights), 1 IronRange Hybrid bar (Men's Mesabi or Women's Cuyuna), 2 LocDown bar collars, and 1 IronRange Plate Harbor Horizontal Mobile Rack.

Fractional plates come in smaller weights for incremental lifting. Sold in pairs.