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PowerColor Rubber Bumper Plates

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The perfect covergence of design, color, and function!

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  • Vibrant, color-coded stripe on each plate's edge denotes weight, making it easy for users to select weights and determine load.
  • Constructed of 100% high-durometer, virgin rubber for superior durability, performance, and appearance.
  • Proprietary ridged edge design offers a more secure grip for moving plates or performing accessory exercises.
  • Deeply-embedded, stainless steel inserts reduce friction with bar sleeves while providing a snug fit on Olympic bar sleeves.
  • Colored, debossed weight markers and logos won't fade, even after prolonged use.
  • Available in pairs, in sets, or in complete packs that include plates, a bar (Men's or Women's), and a storage rack.

Powerful durability. Each PowerColor plate features 100% virgin rubber which is vastly superior to traditional, recycled rubber plates. Virgin rubber was tested to withstand thousands of compressions without cracking, splitting, or showing any signs of breakdown. Its naturally high durometer ensures these plates are ideal for high-volume use and will significantly outlast other plates.

Powerful performance. The enhaced quality of unused rubber provides greater density than comparable recycled rubber plates which deadens bounce when dropped to the floor, keeping athletes safe and ready for the next rep. Flanged, stainless steel inserts reduce friction between the plate and the bar sleeve and won't come loose over time. Ridged edge design makes these easy to carry or grip for accessory exercises. Colored stripe on the outside of the plate makes it easy for athletes to select and determine their load, and for coaches to accurately monitor large groups.

Powerful appearance. Debossed logos and vibrant colors on stripes ensure fade-proof markings and aesthetics. Virgin rubber won't scuff or chip the way recycled rubber can, nor will it accumulate grime or dust, which keeps your plates looking newer longer. Distinctive smooth, finish minimizes glare and fingerprints.

Set/Pack Options

  • Light Plate Set. Includes 2 ea 10, 25, 45 lb plates.
  • Medium Plate Set. Includes 2 ea 25, 35 lb; 4 ea 10, 45 lb plates.
  • Heavy Plate Set. Includes 2 ea 25, 35 lb; 4 ea 10 lb; 6 ea 45 lb plates.
  • Platform Packs. Include 260 lb set of Bumper Plates (2 ea 10-45 lb), 1 IronRange Hybrid bar (Men's Mesabi or Women's Cuyuna), and 1 IronRange Plate Harbor Horizontal Mobile Rack.