Flip'T™ Trainer

Flip your tire training indoors with the most versatile foam tire on the market!

Challenge users’ strength and athleticism by incorporating dozens of movements formerly reserved for the outdoors in your gym! Unlike the traditional option, a tractor tire, that is dirty, smelly, and can cause injury, the Flip’T™ brings functional training into the gym setting, thanks to its industrial-grade foam that is dense but soft. This keeps users safer, reduces noise during flips, and nearly eliminates damage to floors or other equipment.

A durable 16 oz. vinyl cover keeps the foam intact and prevents absorption of dirt and/or water. Unique antimicrobial technology in the cover also stops the spread of germs during workouts, but it can quickly be wiped down when training is complete to keep it clean.

Octagonal design allows users to properly maneuver the trainer end over end, versus the round design of a tire that can be challenging to control. Twelve reinforced-stitched handles attached on various sides of the trainer make transport around the gym and to and from storage simple.

Switch up your routine and use the Flip’T to work other muscles groups. Simply set it on the floor for use as a plyometric box to improve agility and explosive power. Or, step inside and grab the handles to perform a farmer’s walk.

The Flip’T™ is available in three weights to accommodate various users and training routines. Choose from 90 lb in red (34"L x 34"W x 16"H; 90 lb), 130 lb in gray (41"L x 41"W x 18"H; 130 lb), or 175 lb in black (48"L x 48"W x 20"H; 175 lb).

Patent pending. Truck delivery.

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