HexElite™ Rubber-Coated Dumbbells

Our best value in complete sets of tough, noise-reducing dumbbells!

Designed for institutional use, our best dumbbells provide users with elite performance and enhanced comfort. You can't find a better performing, higher-quality dumbbell for this value. Durable premium rubber coating protects floors, racks, and your ears with natural noise reduction. It also protects the dumbbell itself from chips and cracks, so they last for years. Hex head design prevents dumbbells from rolling off of equipment between reps or on the floor. Where they're placed is where they stay. It also allows users to perform a variety of exercises, including push-ups, without worry. 

The solid head-to-handle construction includes reinforcement from the handle into the head, ensuring the heads will not loosen or break off, even after routine drops. Unlike others, our satin hard-chrome handle includes full knurling, which provides a better no-slip grip, even after multiple reps when hands get sweaty. Never again will your hand slip. The handle also provides an improved ergonomic grip to keep users comfortable. 

Molded-in weight identifiers in each dumbbell provide easy identification that will not wear off. Choose from two convenient sets with storage. Storage rack is also sold separately. 

Dumbbell Sets. 12-Pair Set includes 1 pair of all weights 2-1/2 to 50 lb and includes 3-Shelf Rack. 812 lb. 20-Pair Set includes 1 pair of all weights 2-1/2 to 100 lb and includes two powder-coated 3-Shelf Racks. 2,602 lb.

Individual Dumbbells. Choose weights 2-1/2 to 100 lb, in 22 different options. 3-Shelf Rack. Rack holds up to 15 pairs. 2,100 lb capacity. 62"L x 28"W x 40"H, 240 lb.



UltraFit™ 3-Tier Rack Only

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