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HexElite Rubber-Coated Dumbbells

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Simply the best rubber hex dumbbells available.

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  • Thick rubber coating makes dumbbells exceedingly durable, protecting gym floors and reducing noise from drops.
  • Fully-knurled handle offers enhanced grip for better safety and more reliable performance.
  • Hard chrome plating and a satin finish on handle combine for a better dumbbell grip than polished chrome handles, and outstanding durability.
  • Dumbbell handle fully extends inside the hex head, preventing heads from loosening over time.
  • Dumbbells are sold individually or in convenient packs for the weight room.

Long-lasting hex dumbbell durability. Dumbbells feature an incredibly thick rubber-coating, creating outstanding protection from cuts, nicks, and dents in the dumbbells, floors and other equipment. Satin chrome plating on handle offers additional protection from rust and oxidation. Handle fully extends from end-to-end, preventing dumbbell heads from coming loose after repeated drops on the floor. Hex head design features a matte black finish that looks great in any weight room and provides additional floor protection.

Outstanding performance. HexElite dumbbells are the most feature-rich commercial gym dumbbell on the market. Fully knurled handle maximizes user grips during snatches and cleans, among other exercises. Rubber coating is more comfortable on the skin and helps athletes perform exercises without developing contact abrasions. Rubber coating also deadens noise when dropping dumbbells or colliding with other equipment. Full set allows users of all skill levels to perform virtually any exercise, catering to a full gym population.

Set Options

  • 12-Pair Set. Includes 12 pair of dumbbells (1 pr 2.5-50 lb) and 1 all-steel UltraFit 3-Tier Rack (62"L x 28"W x 40"H, 240 lb).
  • 22-Pair Set. Includes 22 pair of dumbbells (1 pr 2.5-100 lb) and 2 all-steel UltraFit 3-Tier Racks (62"L x 28"W x 40"H, 240 lb).

Truck delivery on sets.


A Workhorse in the Weight Room

With the Hexelite Dumbbell, we set out to raise the bar on what coaches and athletes should expect from one of the most commonly-used tools in the weight room. Hexelite Dumbbells are loaded with subtle, but thoughtful design features that enhance their durability and performance in ways that shatter the notion that a black dumbbell is simply a commodity - a box to check when creating your equipment list.


Unparalleled Feel

If you want to know what truly sets the Hexelite Dumbbell apart, look no further than the fully-knurled satin chrome-coated handle. Comparable dumbbells feature polished chrome handles that can get inconveniently slippery, if not dangerous during many exercises. The Hexelite handle's knurl is similar to that of our Olympic bars which provides a more aggressive texture. Additionally the satin chrome finish enhances the dumbbells corrosion resistance keeping them looking professional longer.


Intra-Head Handle Construction

Inferior dumbbells provide a simple weld connecting the handle to the dumbbell head, which creates a common breaking point. In comparison, the Hexelite Dumbbell handle extends fully into the head of the dumbbell, enhancing their durability by eliminating welding, instead relying on the strength of the handle itself which substantially increases its durability.


Space-Efficient Storage

Square footage is always at a premium in the weight room, and dumbbell racks notoriously tend to take up a lot of space. That's why created a 3-tier shelf design that maximizes the amount of dumbbells that facilties can fit in their horizontal wall space. Full 22-pair sets from 2.5lb to 100lb come with two racks that can be either aligned next to each other on a continuous wall, separated in a corner, or placed in entirely different areas. Ultimately, coaches know it pays to have versatility in the weight room.