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Rubber-Coated Fixed Barbell Storage Rack


High-quality barbells with a fixed design decreases prep time and increases training time!

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Each weight is permanently fixed to the ends of each barbell, so there's no need to load/unload plates—simply grab the correct bar and go! Each weight's premium rubber coating is floor friendly to prevent marks or damage to the weights. A 12-sided head design eliminates rolling so users aren't chasing after bars between reps. The chrome-coated steel bar is very durable and features knurling to improve grip, especially as hands sweat.

Choose packs with a straight bar for versatility or a curved bar for wrist relief during curls and tricep extensions. The variety of weights (included in each pack or available individually) accommodate a wide range of users, from beginners to experienced lifters. Packs include 1 ea 20-110 lb barbells and a storage rack (29"L x 32"W x 53"H; 135 lb) to keep barbells organized and free from damage when not in use. Individual barbells and storage rack sold separately. Truck delivery on Packs.