The best features of kettlebells and dumbbells in one!

The mass of these dumbbell kettlebell hybrid weights is equally distributed around the 1¼" handle with your hand at the center—acting as the nucleus! The proprietary handle and bell construction creates a lower "moment of inertia" than an equivalent weight dumbbell or kettlebell. The result is a bell that is easier to control during all movements, allowing users to perform more work without breaking form.

You'll find it easier to perform traditional kettlebell movements with more fluidity because you won't be compensating for shifting mass. Dumbbell movements will be smoother, too, as you won't be compensating for changes in momentum caused by the polarized nature of dumbbell heads. You'll also find these extremely stable on the ground, so you can do any type of floor work with confidence.

Cast from high-strength ductile iron which looks great and is much less brittle than cast iron. Smooth, black-matte finish for professional appearance. Weight identification is part of the mold, ensuring it never wears. Logo color also denotes weight for easy selection. Available individually, or in a set.

Individual Nucleus™ 

  • 8 kg (18 lb), 7.25" dia
  • 12 kg (26 lb), 8" dia
  • 16 kg (35 lb), 8.25" dia
  • 20 kg (44 lb), 9" dia
  • 24 kg (53 lb), 9.25" dia

Complete Set: Includes 5 omnibells (1 ea 8-24 kg)

Mobile Set: Includes 2 of each weight (8-24 kg), a powder-coated steel rack with locking casters, and charts.

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