HexElite™ Color Rubber-Coated Dumbbells

Beautiful rubber-coated dumbbells now in a variety of new colors and sizes!

Durable, colorful rubber coating looks great and adds a visual cue for users when selecting or putting away their weights. Rubber coated dumbbells are also quieter and easier on your floors. Chrome, knurled handle dumbbells give users the most secure grip, even when hands are slick with sweat. The heads will never come loose because the handle extends all the way into the dumbbell ends and is secured with a metal rod ensuring years of use. Durable rubber coating on ends protects floors and racks. Weights are molded in to the head and will never wear off. Vibrant HexElite™ dumbbells are color-coded by weight for quick organization and selection. Available individually or in convenient sets with storage.

Weight Room 12-Pair Complete Set. Includes 1 pair of all weights 2-1/2 to 50 lb and 1 all-steel UltraFit™ 3-Tier Rack. 

Aerobic 47-Pair Complete Set. Includes 47 pairs of dumbbells (12 pair 2-1/2 lb, 15 pair 5 lb, 8 pair 8 lb, 10 lb, 4 pair 15 lb), 1 all-steel UltraFit™ Mobile Rack, and 3 UltraFit™ Dumbbell Training Charts.

UltraFit™ 3-Tier Stationary Rack (1 ea with 12-Pair Sets; 2 ea with 22-Pair Sets) Powder-coated steel. 31"L x 33"W x 45"H; 240 lb.

UltraFit™ Mobile Rack (1 ea with Mobile Sets)
Powder-coated steel with swivel casters for mobility. 38"L x 25"W x 47"H; 94 lb.

UltraFit™ Dumbbell Training Charts (1 Set with Mobile Set)
Three laminated charts feature 9 dumbbell exercises (27 total). Set includes 1 Lower Body and 2 Upper Body charts. 24"L x 18"W.


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