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Vari-Rings Gymnastics Rings

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Breakthrough gymnastics rings provide unparalleled durability, safety, and ease of use.

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  • Adjusting rings is easy thanks to numbered pockets, which ensure even length with every use.
  • Numbered pockets are secured with high-tensile strength thread which creates a more secure hold than comparable rings that use clamps or clips for added safety.
  • Wood rings measure 1.5" dia and provide excellent tack for dynamic gymnastics movements like muscle ups, dips and more
  • Steel rings measure 2" dia and provide enhanced durability over wood.
  • Heavy-duty nylon tow straps and carabiner attachments ensure gymnastics rings never slip or fray, even after repeated heavy use.
  • Rings include 8.5’L nylon strap that fixes to any stable horizontal surface for fast, convenient setup.

The most secure, easy-to-use gymnastics rings available. Other types of gymnastics rings utilize friction clips to secure their hold, which, over time, can cause straps to wear out and fray. This creates safety concerns for athletes using them. Using a locking carabiner system that won’t fail even after heavy usage, this set of rings ensures athletes remain safe at all times. The numbered slots also make it easy to ensure your rings are at the exact same height, eliminating the headache and safety concerns from constantly adjusting rings.

Wood or steel. High-quality wood provides a firm, tacky grip for athletes, and holds chalk well. Lighter weight allows users to easily transition between athletic movements such as muscle ups, back rolls, dips, and more. Steel rings are heavier and do not hold chalk as well, but are more resistant to long-term wear and tear, making them a more durable commercial option. Their smoother finish adds an extra challenge for advanced gymnasts.

Vari-Rings are available in 2 sets.

  • Vari-Rings Sets. Include 2 numbered straps, 2 rings, and 2 carabiners.
    • Wood Set
    • Steel Set