Vari-Rings™ Gymnastics Rings

Breakthrough ring set provides unparalleled durability, safety, and ease of use.

Vary your bodyweight training routine with rings that quickly adjust! Other rings take some fussing and eye-balling to get them to hang at the same height, and they can slip slightly during use. Vari-Rings™ solve both problems. Lock the included carabiner into the same numbered pocket on each strap to get both rings at the exact same height. Easily adjust ring height at any point during the workout with the carabiners to vary the challenge or exercise. Vari-Rings™ are a great tool becuase they allow you to use your own body weight to work various muscles from different angles without needing a lot of space or lot of additional equipment. Sets include 2 numbered straps, 2 wood or steel rings, and 2 carabiners. 

Why use gymnastic rings in your fitness training regimen? 

Many confuse the use of gymnastics rings for those only involved in the sport; however, gymnastic rings are a great training tool for anyone looking to build upper-body strength while also improving stability and coordination. They also require dedication, patience, and repetition. To complete proper ring workouts, your body must be still, disciplined, and your mind must be concentrating. This often requires a lot of practice. 

Gymnastics rings are also a very versatile, portable tool. Their small, lightweight design makes it easy to throw them in a gym bag and go. 

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