Total Gym ELEVATE Circuit


Elevate your training with the industry's first fully commercial incline bodyweight machines.

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    • Item No: 73-887
    • Unit: Set of 5
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  • These easy-to-use machines allow users to perform a variety of exercises using Total Gym's proprietary gliding supports to utilize their own body weight in place of traditional weighted resistance.
  • Design offers a mechanical advantage: because the machines partially support the user's body weight, it's possible to perform more precisely scaled movements.
  • Easy-to-use systems require very little instruction.
  • Because these machines have fewer moving parts than traditional selectorized equipment, they're significantly easier to maintain.
  • Sold individually or as a full circuit.
  • Weight capacity 400 lb.

Bodyweight training, revolutionized. This unique circuit trainer features over 80 possible exercises among 5 different units. All systems apply the unique incline bodyweight training methodology to provide resistance in place of traditional weight stacks or plates.

Circuit allows athletes to utilize 15-70% of their body weight, depending on unit and adjustability. Allows users to perform plyometric movements like pushups and pull-ups safely and easily. Since they only utilize body weight, these trainers are non-compressive and easy to use safely and effectively.

Fully commercial systems are ideal for high-traffic facilities. Set them up in a dedicated space as a full circuit, or purchase individually. Each piece features an illustrated placard with instructions, making them simple to understand and use.

Durable construction. With a maximum weight tolerance of 400 lb, nearly anyone can use these safely. Frame and rails are constructed of steel with reinforced aluminum rails that allow the glideboard to move smoothly on precision ball bearings. Synthetic rubber coverings over durable upholstery won't tear or rip incidentally.