Deluxe Maple Peg Board Climbers

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Build highly-transferrable upper-body strength with these durable climbing boards.

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  • Smooth maple finish will never splinter, holding up to years of peg board training routines.
  • Mount peg boards vertically or horizontally, depending on facilities and available space.
  • Each set includes a pair of climbing pegs and a powder-coated steel mounting kit, with all mounting hardware included. Additional pegs sold separately.

Challenging grip, pulling, and core strength. Peg boards force users to keep core and pulling muscles engaged to scale the full distance of the board. Users get the greatest benefit in their pulling and grip strength, and see additional benefits show up in their core and shoulder stability. Peg board training emphasizes endurance over maximum strength, and is a fantastic training method for athletes in wrestling, climbing, or any other sport that requires a significant amount of pulling strength.

Different options with each peg board. Narrower, 30-hole peg board requires athletes use a narrower grip, which can be easier, while the 38-hole option has a wider, more challenging grip. This gives athletes several options for their workout and offers a small degree of scalability as users improve skills and physique.

Deluxe Maple Peg-Board Climbers are available in 3 options with mounting hardware and 2 pegs. Additional pegs also sold separately.

  • Peg Sets
    • 38-Hole, 12"W x 72"H x 1.5" thick
    • 30-Hole, 6"W x 72"H x 1.5" thick
  • Accessories
    • Extra Pegs, 6.4"L x 1⅛" dia