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Yukon 2.0 Push/Pull Sled

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Our upgraded design that's perfect for speed and power training.

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Versatile training capabilities stem from multiple handle options. The upright post (36"L), low push (17-3/8"H), and lawn-mower (30"L) handle options allow users to push and pull this sled from a variety of heights. Height options allow users to train several phases of sprinting including the start, acceleration, and upright phases. Easy to use carabiner attachment points on both sides make sled pulling easy Quality, durable 83 lb body is made with 11-gauge steel, featuring an all-welded construction and powder-coated finish for maximum resilience. 18" chrome-finished post won't chip when sliding plates on and off. Wide-scale weight capacity can hold up to 540 lb in cast iron plates or 225 lb in bumper plates. For use indoors and out, with steel runners that are ideal for grass, turf, and carpeted surfaces. Indoor felt runners are safe on gym floors. Available individually or as a complete set with upright posts, lawn mower handle, and low-push handle.

Multiple handle options for speed training versatility. Push sled can be outfitted with 3 removable handles to attack different elements of speed and sprint training. Upright handle enables users to take a neutral grip at whatever height allows them to drive evenly into the dog sled. Low push handle forces users to get lower in their stance and keep shins closer to the ground, for acceleration training and developing powerful legs. Lawn mower handle sits at hip-height and encourages an overhand grip, forcing athletes to push downward into the sled which encourages an upright running posture. Built for multiple sled training styles and environments. 18"H chromed, weight post holds up to 540 lb in cast-iron plates, allowing users to train speed and acceleration at lower resistances or strength at higher loads. Steel runners support all weight and enable smooth driving action by athletes across a range of training surfaces.

How to vary the load on your sled for different training effects. Push/pull weight sleds are ideal for general conditioning, sprint and speed training, and posterior chain development. For general conditioning users perform sets of sled pushing at moderate to light loads (less than 30% of bodyweight) for extended distances or periods of time with shorter rest intervals. For speed training, athletes use light loads (less than 10% additional weight) sprinting short distances with full recovery between sets. For strength development, dragging the sled with heavy loads (greater than 20% bodyweight) and moderate recovery will allow the glutes, hamstrings, calves, and erectors to fully contract and stimulate growth.

Simply attach runners to bring your Yukon Sled indoors! Cordura runners with a felt bottom fit around the sled’s base to protect indoor flooring. Runners quickly and securely attach, thanks to hook-and-loop fasteners. Runners are 42”L x 4”W each.

Complete Set includes sled (40'L x 24'W x 20'H; 83 lb), vertical handles, low push handle, and lawn mower handle. Sled also available with vertical handles only. Low push handle, lawn mower handle, and indoor runners sold separately.