XPlosion Pack™

Run dozens of athletes through dozens of explosive speed and power drills with this complete pack!

Everything you need for a myriad of resistance and assistance exercises and drills for any sport using the peerless instruction from Chip Smith's Training Like the Pros book. Not just for football, these drills are for anyone who wants to develop better athletic performance. Lock everything up in the large rolling bin when you're done.  Pack includes:

Detonate™ Quick-Release Speed Trainer (1 ea)

Develops explosive speed! Belted athlete pulls against the partner, developing driving leg strength. When the partner tugs the red ripcord on the leash, the 10'L-nylon leash cleanly disconnects from the belted athlete; no dangling leash to interfere with the runner's stride. Features reinforced stitching and a 10"W easy-grip polypropylene handle.

Detonate™ Punch Belt Trainer(1 ea)

One of the best upper-body speed trainers. Builds speed and strength by adding resistance to arm extensions. Tubing adjusts to user's arm length and reach. Use for football (defending, catching, blocking), basketball (rebounding, defending), baseball (bat speed, throwing).

Detonate™ Speed Burst Trainer (1 ea)

Develops explosive acceleration and strength without a partner. Secure to any sturdy anchor and practice forward, backward, and lateral drills. Ballistic nylon sheathing prevents the tubing from over stretching and protects the user in the event of tubing failure. Trainer is 10’L when un-stretched, 30'L at full stretch. Adjustable harness.

Detonate™ Elite Stride Trainer(1 ea)

Trains proper stride mechanics and develops speed. Latex tubing with elasticized Detonate™ Elite sheathing to provide resistance to legs and assistance when the heel rises high behind to teach proper form. Adjustable harness. Use for linear sprinting or combine with agility drills.

Detonate™ Elite Sprint Trainer (1 ea)

Provides unilateral loads for each limb. With handle behind athlete, resistance helps develop powerful arm/leg drive. For speed training, use with handle in front of athlete to accelerate arm/leg movement. Black.

Detonate™ Overspeed Trainer (1 ea)

Does your sport require speed or endurance? Then you need to train with this! Two athletes "belt up" and are connected by sheathed latex tubing which enables resisted running, assisted running, evasion and overspeed drills. The sheathing prevents the tubing from over-stretching, protecting athletes from snapped tubing. Connection rings on belts move freely, allowing immediate change of direction in the middle of each drill. For users over 140 lb.

Screamin' Orange® Agility Ladder (1 ea)

Our ladders are easiest to see, thanks to the eye-catching Screamin' Orange color! You'll never lose a ladder or sight of the rungs again! Tough polyethylene webbing and flat plastic rungs last year after year. Easily connect multiple ladders with the locking end clips. Instructions and storage bag included.

Detonate™ Lateral Resistor (1 ea)

Our best resistor for athletic training. Stronger, more durable cuffs, better padding, and stronger tubing than lateral resisters meant for fitness studios. Velcro® buckles cinch tightly and offer easy on, easy off.

Detonate™ Reaction Belts (2 belts, 3 leashes)

The highest quality set of reaction belts you'll find. The only set on the market that includes two belts with full 360º rotational belt rings and three leashes (10'L, 7'L, 4'L) that require progressively faster reaction time. If the pursuing athlete is outmaneuvered, the Velcro® connection on the leash separates. The shorter the leash, the quicker the reaction required. Belts fit up to 42" waists.

Detonate™ Viper Belt (1 ea)

Lets you spin and sprint in nearly any direction! The floating connection ring on the belt allows the athlete to spin nearly 360º while trying to overcome the variable resistance offered by the 8'L Detonate™ sheathed latex tubing.

Vinyl Cones (set of 12)

Our best cones. Heavy enough to stay put, but light enough to not be a pain to move. guaranteed not to rip or tear! Cones safely deform on impact and quickly spring back to shape; won't 'sag' in the hot sun like cheaper cones. Great for identifying lanes, boundaries, or workout stations.

Training Like the Pros (1 ea)

Popular trainer Chip Smith breaks down training and makes you a faster and stronger athlete. 229 pages. Contents include:

  • The Russian Experience: Train like You Play   1

  • The Ballistic Warm-Up: Getting Yourself Ready to Play 9

  • Quick Foot Ladder Drills: Fine-Tuning Coordination   21

  • Stretching and Flexibility: Getting Warm, Then Loose 33

  • Resistance Training: Make It Tougher and Get Better 43

  • Overspeed Training: Breaking the Speed Barrier   73

  • Reaction Training: Teaching Your Body to Respond 103

  • Linear Speed: What It Means to Be Fast   117

  • The Pool Workout: Get Wet, Get Wild, and Get Whipped 129

  • Strength Training: Getting Bigger and Stronger, Faster 137

  • The Tahoe Experience: Training Brian Urlacher at High Altitude   161

  • Weight Program and Record Keeping   171

  • Six-Week Program Speed and Position Work   181

Pro-Tuff™ Mobile Bin (1 ea)

Rugged wheeled bin hauls large amounts of equipment over rough and smoother terrain. Features a folding pull handle on one end and heavy-duty wheels on the other. Fully assembled. 38"L x 23"W x 20-1/2"H; 33 lb.

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