Detonate Speed Chutes

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Easily improve sprint posture and foot speed with parachute-resisted training

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  • 4-channeled, durable nylon speed chute opens quickly and easily for resisted sprint training.
  • 30" nylon leash connects to a swiveling d-ring that rotates 360 degrees around an adjustable buckled belt. Full range of motion improves training performance. Multiple chutes can also be clipped to d-ring for added resistance.
  • Includes storage bag and 6-week training plan that outlines basic drills and instruction, with progressively challenging exercises.

Sprint chutes improve sprint mechanics. Speed chutes provide added resistance, which can improve stride frequency and decrease ground contact times. Users are also forced to utilize proper sprint posture during the acceleration and upright phases of sprinting. Athletes accustomed to an optimized sprint style against resistance perform better when the running chute comes off, maintaining superior mechanics in unassisted sprints.

Designed for instant, easy use. Easy-open chute provides instant resistance without hampering form with added weights or weighted attire. Adjustable quick-release buckle facilitates overspeed training and rotates 360 degrees for resistance in any direction. Chutes offer standalone training options where resistance band speed training generally requires a partner.

Multiple levels of resistance for all athletes. Speed chutes come in 4 sizes, meant to complement a range of athlete sizes and weights, offering ideal resistance for fruitful training. Chute sizes increase for increased drag, for incremental improvement over time. Hook up multiple chutes with tangle-free design for additional levels of resistance.

Detonate Speed Chutes are available in 4 sizes and resistance levels.

  • Small Chute, 15lb resistance, 40" dia
  • Medium Chute, 25lb resistance, 48" dia
  • Large Chute, 35lb resistance, 56" dia
  • X-Large Chute, 50lb resistance, 72" dia