Detonate Overspeed Trainer

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The perfect training tool for your equipment arsenal allows athletes to reach supramaximal speeds.

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  • Allows athletes to reach speeds beyond what's possible individually by belting up, and transferring the momentum created by a high-density resistance tubing between two users.
  • Extreme durability is derived from two sheathing options, made from heavy-duty nylon. Quality construction ensures resistance band will not break after repeated use.
  • Bungee cord trainer belts are one-size-fits-all, adjustable to fit any user.
  • Resistance tubing connects via carabineer to a swiveling d-ring attachment on each belt, offering nearly 360 degrees of motion.
  • Choose between Heavy and Medium resistance options:
    • Heavy resistance will be best for athletes over 170 lb.
  • Choose between a 60' maximal length and a 120' maximal length:
    • The 120' option will have a greater elastic effect.
  • Choose between a non-stretch ballistic nylon sheathing for a firm stop, and a stretch nylon sheathing for a more progressive stop.

Effective overspeed training, made safe. Two athletes 'belt up' and are connected by sheathed latex tubing, enabling resisted running, assisted running, evasion, and overspeed drills. Connection rings on belts move freely, allowing immediate change of direction in the middle of each drill. No-stretch, ballistic nylon sheathing prevents tubing from snapping, protecting athletes without compromising workout intensity. Bungee cord trainer offers a firm 'stop' when tubing reaches its maximum safe stretch.

Improve your sprint speed. Through assisted overspeed training, athletes will reach speeds above that which would be normally possible in unassisted sprinting. Stride length and frequency will be maximized, transferring to greater unassisted sprint speeds over time. Supramaximal speeds translate to athletics and beyond for improved performance.

Enhance your sprint technique. During the resistance phase of overspeed training (athlete being held back by a partner), the leading user will need to keep their torso angled forward and take short steps with a high step-turnover. This simulates the acceleration phase of sprinting and will force athletes to maintain proper posture, while minimizing ground contact times and improving stride efficiency.

Detonate Overspeed Trainers are available in 2 resistance levels, 2 lengths, and 2 sheathing materials. All trainers come with storage bags.

  • Resistance Levels
    • Medium Resistance
    • Heavy Resistance
  • Length
    • 60’L
    • 120’L
  • Sheathing Material
    • Non-stretch Ballistic Nylon
    • Stretch Nylon