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Agility Poles
Gopher Drag Bag Accessories
Grinder Speed Sled
Yukon 2.0 Push/Pull Sled
Contra Dual Direction Drag Sled
ExpLoad Drag Sled

ExpLoad Drag Sled

Ballast Weight Sled
Detonate Speed Chutes
Detonate Viper Belt

Detonate Viper Belt

VariSafe Indoor Weight Sled
Speed Pro Pack
Overspeed Trainer
Speed Burst Trainer
360 Viper Belt

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Buy speed training equipment from Gopher Performance to develop quickness and agility!

Increase speed, agility, and quickness with top-quality equipment developed for beginner and competitive speed workouts alike. Our selection of durable and intuitive products has the perfect options for your programming.

Drag sleds are forged for battle in institutional settings thanks to powder-coated steel construction. Push and pull options target more muscle groups for the avid athlete, while non-intimidating options like our drag bag open opportunities for beginner athletes to become involved in heavier pulling movements.

Our large variety of overspeed trainers tether two athletes together, maximizing sprint speed safely and efficiently. Use them to reach speeds otherwise unattainable while unassisted and translate learned skills into various athletic sports for maximal performance. Athletes can continue to build speed and agility with an assortment of parachutes, agility poles, and more.

Shop for speed training equipment at Gopher Performance!