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Agility Hurdle Sets

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Agility hurdles are lightweight and perfect for developing foot speed, accuracy, and coordination.

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  • Lightweight hurdles are incredible durable and easy to use for developing footspeed and accuracy.
  • Heavy-duty PVC is thicker than comparable hurdles for greater durability.
  • Sets of 6, available in bright yellow or orange, for high-visibility when hurdling.
  • Available in 4 heights—6", 9", 12", or 16"—to provide variety when training.

Designed with athletes in mind. Hurdles are constructed to support coordination and speed training. Lightweight construction enables them to easily tip when bumped, showing areas requiring improvement. PVC construction means they won’t break or crack if knocked over or stepped on. Bright colors help athletes better gauge their jumps and extensions. Choose from 4 heights depending on users at your facility.

Using hurdles for agility. Lower 6" and 9" hurdles are fantastic for training footspeed, accuracy, and agility. Lower hurdle height pushes users to emphasize stride/jump frequency. Performing fast-paced hops, steps, and shuffles both laterally and straight-line improves a user's ability to change direction and reduce ground contact times.

Using hurdles for plyometrics. Using agility hurdles for plyometrics improves the stretch-shortening cycle, which leads to improved jumping and sprinting ability, as well as change of direction. Using taller 12" and 16" hurdles for hops and bounding exercises forces athletes to jump higher to clear the hurdle, exercising greater body control and requiring more force production to perform drills.

Agility Hurdles are available in Sets of 6 in 2 colors, in 4 heights, with a storage bag.

  • Colors
    • Yellow
    • Screamin’ Orange
  • Heights
    • 6"H
    • 9"H
    • 12"H
    • 16"H