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Triad™ 3-in-1 Foam Plyometric Boxes

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The safest variable plyo boxes you can buy!

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  • 3-height design allows for users to scale plyometric drills to three different levels for box jumps, step ups, and more.
  • Available in three different size options: 30"x24"x20" for advanced users, or 24"x20"x16" for intermediate users or high-rep agility and plyometric work, and 20"x16"x12" (colored only) for beginners.
  • Available in neutral grey, or with a 3-colored design that makes it easy to see what height a user is jumping to.
  • Dense, bonded foam keeps users safe during box-jumps and other plyo movements.
  • Thick, durable vinyl cover resists tearing and features antimicrobial technology, preventing bacteria spread.
  • Grippy, antiskid bottom ensures box won’t move during rigorous plyometric routines.
  • Smallest box is weighted (67lb) to provide additional stability.

3 heights for variable plyometric training. Three models of these foam plyo boxes each feature a unique 3-height design, allowing for multiple jumping heights. Large boxes offer 20", 24", and 30" heights for intermediate and advanced plyometric jumps. Small boxes allow users to jump to 16", 20", or 24" heights. X-Small box comes with 12", 16", and 20" heights built-in for beginners or low-level plyometric work and is only available in the colored option.

The safest padded plyo boxes. Dense, bonded foam within these plyometric boxes keeps users safe during high box-jumps, repeated-effort jumps, and a variety of other plyometric exercises. Should users misstep, they won't have to worry about damaging their shins. Boxes also provide plenty of stability when landed on due to the dense, bonded-foam that mitigates movement. Additionally these boxes also feature silver ion-treated antimicrobial vinyl to prevent bacterial spread from user-to-user in commercial gyms and training facilities.

Easy to use at any level. Plyo boxes feature large-print, easy-to-see numbers so it's obvious what height the user is jumping to. Boxes are also available in grey with a black base, or in colored with red, blue, and green sides to make it even easier to identify what height the athlete is jumping to. Boxes feature built-in handles, making them easy to move around the facility.

Triad™ 3-in-1 Foam Plyometric Boxes are available in 3 sizes.

  • X-Small (colored-only) 12", 16", and 20"
  • Small 16", 20", and 24"
  • Large, 20", 24", and 30"