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ABsolute AbWheel


Absolutely the strongest and most versatile ab wheel.

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  • Molded ergonomic handles provide athletes with comfortable and secure grip.
  • Hook-and-loop fasteners on the foot straps create more variety in exercise routines.
  • Solid steel axel between handle and wheel provide long-lasting durability.
  • Smooth-gliding 7.5" wheel measures double the width of most ab wheels, increasing stability during use. The wheel is rounded for easier targeting of the obliques during angled workouts.

Ab wheels target your core. Ab rollers are the ideal tool to increase core stability, strength, and endurance. By performing ab rollouts with an ab wheel, users must stabilize upper body and core together at the same time. Target abdominal muscles and hip flexors by rolling out in a vertical line, and target oblique muscles by rolling out at an angle. Ab wheel exercises like evil wheels and rollouts are also great to include in other types of strength programs to ensure the best total workout.

Easy to use for ab exercises. The dual wheel version of an ab wheel provides users with more stability and safety than single-wheel options. Cushioned handgrips are the perfect width and provide users with a much more comfortable exercise experience. Center wheel spins smoothly along a steel axle, eliminating unnecessary friction that can affect form and equipment performance.