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SecureStep Agility Ladders


Soft, rubberized ladder rungs stick to gym flooring and mats so agility training never stops.

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  • Slip-resistant rungs keep athletes safe and prevent unwanted movement and tangling.
  • End rungs are sand-weighted to keep ladder in place during use on indoor flooring. Weighted ends also prevent snagging during speed and agility exercises.
  • Rungs are double-stitched into a durable nylon frame and won't tear, even with high-volume use.
  • Lightweight ladder design is easy to transport and store in included carrying case. Case also keeps equipment safe while in storage.

Superior construction ensures reliable training. Ideal for all types of agility drills and plyometric exercises, rubberized PVC rungs stay in place exactly where you lay them down. Even if stepped on, bumped, or tugged, ladders will remain firmly in place with rungs at equilateral distances. Athletes performing speed ladder drills won’t have to worry about shifting rungs, allowing them to concentrate on form and accuracy above all else.

Each colored rung is also easy to see and track out of peripheral vision. Athletes can better focus on their movements while keeping eyes front and attentive as they perform hops, bounding, and other speed and agility exercises with precision.

  • Measures: 30'L x 17"W
  • Included: carrying case.
  • Use: speed and agility training.

Agility Ladders are available in 2 color and 2 size options. Both include a storage bag and instructions.

  • Yellow Rungs, 30"LL x 17"W
  • Rainbow Rungs, 29"L x 16"W