Roll Out Agility Ladder

The quickest way to set up and store an agility ladder, now with more durable material.

Agility training just got less complicated with this Roll Out Agility Ladder that is exceptionally easy to use, transport, and store. Roll the ladder off its included reel, and you’re instantly set up for drills. After you’re done training, quickly and easily roll it back onto the reel and secure it with the attached Velcro® strap. You can be confident that the reel will keep the ladder from tangling or twisting, so that next time you wish to use it, you can once again be ready in seconds. Tuck the rolled-up ladder into its included storage bag for easy transportation.

The Roll Out Agility Ladder provides a fast-paced cardio workout that helps users enhance their muscle contraction rate, balance, reflexes, reactive strength, and coordination. The ladder also helps users hone their mental alertness, since drills require focus and spatial awareness. The fast-paced nature of ladder exercises and the mental focus required for them help keep users engaged and interested in the activity.

Another benefit of the Roll Out Agility Ladder are its flat rungs and flat rails that are all crafted from one piece of sturdy vinyl material. All parts of this ladder rest flush on the ground at all times, which makes it safer than ladders with round rungs, because users are less likely to hook their feet. The ladder’s single-unit construction also means that it doesn’t have fastenings or separate pieces that might come apart.

The ladder also features improved construction that enables it to stand up to heavy use. Its durable vinyl material makes it last longer than our original rollout ladder that used recycled rubber material. This improved construction means you can enjoy the ease and performance of the Roll Out Agility Ladder for a long time to come!

The Roll Out Agility Ladder is 15’L x12”W, and it weighs 5 lb.

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