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HexTest Mat


The most professional means of assessing and improving agility.

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  • Allows you to quickly and easily implement the hexagon agility test used by professionals to assess foot speed and accuracy.
  • Starting in the middle, the athlete proceeds to jump from the center to each side of the hexagon and back, performing three full revolutions.
  • Mat uses our proprietary material that provides semi-permanent adherence to any type of floor.
  • Commercial-grade durability ensures mat won't tear or crease, even with extensive use. Attaches flush to the floor, so athletes won't trip or break the mat.
  • Vibrant orange outline is highly visible, improving foot accuracy.
  • Impressive 52"W x 60"L mat features 6" numbered circles and bold color sure to make a statement in any facility.

An upgrade to the traditional dot drill mat. The hexagon test offers a more effective method for assessing foot speed and agility in your athletes. To perform a hexagon test, athletes must exercise greater body control and explosiveness, as the numbers are spaced twice as far apart as on a traditional dot drill.

With 24" L sides and 120° angles, this mat is an impressive 52"W x 60"L, creating an impactful addition to any commercial fitness facility.

Material offers an ideal combination of durability, performance and aesthetics. Engineered to be incredibly tough, with high-tensile-strength material to ensure that users' athletic shoes won't tear the mat. High-traffic facilities where mats are used multiple times daily can expect over 6 months of use. With less frequent use, they'll last much longer.

Mat surface provides excellent footing so users won't worry about slipping during fast-paced agility drills.

How to Perform the Hex Test. The athlete starts in the middle of the mat. On a signal, they perform a 2' jump to the outside of the hexagon's border at position 1, then hop back to the center of the mat. The athlete proceeds to jump from the center of the mat to each numbered circle and back, for a total of 3 revolutions at each number. The athlete must face the same direction the entire time and must not jump on the hexagon's border. The total time taken to perform 3 full revolutions is the user's score. If the athlete steps on the border, loses balance and takes an extra step, or changes the direction they're facing, the test is over and must be performed again.