Agility Matrix™ Training Maze


Our most versatile agility ladder package allows dozens of athletes to perform an endless variety of agility drills.

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  • Total of 72, 12"x12" squares allow for a variety of agility ladder layouts. Roll up agility ladder measures 48' long in a straight line, for extended drills.
  • Contains 8 total lanes held together by heavy-duty vinyl straps connected with Velcro®. Quality construction ensures missteps don’t disrupt other athletes training nearby. PVC rungs provide additional durability.
  • Optimal for outdoor training on grass, set includes instructions, a storage bag, and 4 outdoor ground stakes.
  • Vibrant Screamin’ Orange® color enables users to easily keep agility ladder in their peripheral vision and perform with greater accuracy. Peripheral acuity helps developing athletes keep eyes forward and focused, independent of movement.

Team agility drills, made simple and accommodating. Accommodating up to 32 athletes across 8-lanes, sports teams of all calibers are able to drill together for cohesive, synchronized training. Efficient agility ladder design enables individual, partner, and team exercises, promoting competition- or cooperative-based agility training. Large-scale, roll up agility ladder is more convenient than multiple ladders and offers training space enough for everyone on the team.

Numerous training configurations. Maze customization enables coaches and players to quickly organize an infinite number of agility drills, for greater workout variance. Rungs can be configured for speed, technique, or combination drills, mixing in both linear and lateral movements. Square setup encourages agility training with directional emphasis, while straightaway layout emphasizes speed and accuracy with every step. Complete customization keeps training fresh, preventing overexertion and promoting clean footwork and proper technique.

  • Measures: 48'L in a straight line, or 12' x 12' as a square.
  • Includes: nylon storage bag, stakes, and instructions with configuration and drills.
  • Use: speed and agility training.
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