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Yoga Grommet Mat

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Pilates Ring

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Experience full-body fitness and mental wellness when you use yoga equipment from Gopher Performance!

Many coaches and trainers are adopting yoga and Pilates equipment within their fitness programming to recruit the myriad benefits of these practices. Beyond a core-melting, total-body burn, yoga and Pilates teach stress management and mental wellness to athletes of every caliber.

Our yoga mats come in a variety of thickness to meet the needs of your facility, Pilates wheels improve muscle tone, endurance, and coordination, and balance boards add an element of instability to any stretching routine! Yoga straps and blocks enhance any athlete’s practice, from beginner to seasoned yogi. Use them to supplement limited range of motion and take pressure off parts of the body during difficult poses.

Newer athletes can take advantage of yoga mats and floor spots featuring names and images of common poses and reference laminated charts for even more self-directed instruction.

Inspire strength and wellness with yoga equipment from Gopher Performance.