Volcano™ Foam Roller

Foam rolling with the Volcano™ provides an eruption of relief!

Smoothly release muscle tension and soreness with the Volcano™ Foam Roller. This roller’s innovative volcano-shaped bumps have just the right height and spacing to provide penetrating myofascial release and to break up muscle stiffness. These bumps will also dig deeper into your muscles than smooth rollers can, which helps your muscles feel energized and flexible! Not only are the bumps firm enough to penetrate muscles, they also have enough "give" so that the roller easily stays in contact with your body for a continuous, flowing "roll-out.”

On the inside, the Volcano™ Foam Roller features a durable ABS core that will provide just the right amount of firmness for your rolling routine. This tough core also ensures that the roller will stay round during use and won’t develop flat spots.

The Volcano™ Foam Roller is excellent for massaging muscles, stimulating nerves, and promoting blood circulation, all of which help your muscles recover faster after a workout. In addition, this faster recovery time potentially allows you to increase your number of workouts, and feel better while doing so!

Using the roller to stimulate nerves and increase blood circulation also decreases your chances of injury during a workout, because a rolling routine will help your muscles be more healthy, elastic, and ready to go. And not only does using a Volcano™ Foam Roller help you stay healthy, it can also help you recover and rejuvenate after an injury, especially when dealing with soft-tissue injuries.

The Volcano™ Foam Roller is 15"L x 5-1/2" dia, and comes in a bright red.

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