UltraFit™ Foam Rollers

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A variety of foam rollers for all of your myofascial release needs.

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  • Versatile foam rollers are available in 3 material and firmness options
    • Textured semi-firm EVA foam
    • Firm-high density foam
    • Extra-firm high density foam.
  • Rollers are available in 11" (Firm and Extra Firm), 12" (EVA semi-firm) and 36" sizes with 6" diameters.
  • Available individually and in sets of 10 with a Magnus ABS mobile storage cart.

Variety of foam roller firmness and texture. Semi-firm textured EVA foam features a closed-cell polyethylene foam that’s softer and more impressionable than higher-density models. It’s easier on users’ muscles and helps remove painful knots while loosening tight muscles. High-quality foam retains its shape and manages to stand up to humidity longer than competing rollers. Textured surface improves blood flow. Firm and Extra-Firm models provide a more rigid surface for greater myofascial release when rolling out large muscle groups.

After use, rollers easily wipe clean. Half-round option allows users to keep rollers stationary so they can roll out their spine and various smaller muscle groups while targeting acute pain. Firmer rollers are soft to the touch but provide more support, working muscles more intensely to break up lactic acid.

Two size options. Rollers are available in short lengths (11" and 12") or a longer, 36" version, which help target different muscle groups. Shorter rollers cover most of the body’s muscles entirely, allowing users to perform a proper full-muscle massage. 36" rollers are beneficial for large muscles like the chest, back, or both legs at the same time.