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ProTex Resistance Loops
Stretch Out Strap
Instrux Stretching Mat Pack
Incline Ankle Boards
Flex-Solo Flexibility Testers
AnchorPro Door Anchor
DualFit Yoga Mat
Magnus Stationary Foam Roller Rack
Foam Roller Packs

Foam Roller Packs

IsoBarre Ballet Barres
1" Thick Foam Workout Mats
TumblePro SpeedShip Royal Mats
UltraFit Yoga Mats
Pilates Ring

Pilates Ring

EVA Foam Rollers

EVA Foam Rollers

EcoFit Yoga Mats
TumblePro CustomColor Mats
EcoFit Workout Mats
MaxFit Workout Mats
Tiger Tail Muscle Roller
Foam Roller Instruction Posters
UltraFit Foam Yoga Block
UltraFit Laminated Yoga Charts
Instrux Yoga Mat
TumblePro Heavy-Duty Steel Mat Truck
Rumble Roller

Rumble Roller

GRID Foam Rollers
Trigger Point Kit

Trigger Point Kit

Volcano Foam Roller
GripFit Workout Mat Packs
MaxFit Workout Mat Packs
GripFit Workout Mats
RevRoller Muscle Roller
UltraFit Workout Mats
MaxFitPro Workout Mats
MaxFitPro Workout Mat Packs
Reusable Hot/Cold Gel Packs
Sport Medical Kit

Sport Medical Kit

Tennis Elbow Support w/ Gel Pad
The One Ankle Brace

The One Ankle Brace

Invest in athlete safety when you purchase mobility workout equipment from Gopher Performance!

Serious athletes know that the workout isn’t over when the last barbell hits the floor. Focus on stretching and muscle recovery to prevent knots, strains, and injuries with the best recovery workout equipment from Gopher Performance.

Looking for deep, targeted relief for sore muscles? Choose from a variety of foam rollers to prevent increase blood flow and circulation to the localized area of recovery. Is flexibility the issue? Our high-quality yoga mats and accessories also help both injured and healthy athletes increase range of motion.

If injuries do happen, tend to them quickly with our first-class assortment of first-aid products. From tape wrap and gel packs to entire medical kits, we’ve got your athletes in a pinch.

Shop for dependable recovery equipment from Gopher Performance!