One-handed simplicity. The simple clamp design of these barbell collars allows them to be secured with just one hand. Collars are clamped over the bar sleeve directly in place where they’re needed, instead of having to be maneuvered across the length of the sleeve before being clamped. Once in place, interior rubber grip secures collars to bar for a no-slip solution to securing plates!

Removing collar clamps is just as easy! Bright red release lever is curved, allowing fingers to be firmly gripped underneath while the lever is pulled upwards. Lever clicks to signal locked and unlocked positions, giving athletes confidence as they add and remove plates between lifts.

Rugged construction. Strong ABS stands up to rigorous weight room activities without breaking or becoming damaged. Collars won’t crack or warp under the pressure of heavy loads when the bar is dropped.

Interior rubber coating not only keeps clamps firmly in place, it also protects barbells from damage. Other screw-in clamps or slide-on spring-style clamps can damage bars, leaving abrasions and scratches in the metal. These barbell collars ensure a snug fit that leaves behind no evidence of wear.